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Mini Shallow Moss Agate Bowls

Mini Shallow Moss Agate Bowls

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You will receive ONE mini shallow moss agate bowl, intuitively chosen. 

balance   ·   self-expression   ·   communication

 ABOUT: Not actually a type of agate, moss agate (also known as Mocha Stone) is actually a type of chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of things like manganese, chrome and/or iron. Although moss agate looks like it houses real moss, there is no organic material to be found in this stone. The moss-like patterns are created by the dendritic inclusions listed above. Moss agate is typically formed from weathered volcanic rock, and the patterns are formed by different levels of oxidation of the crystals within. 

SPIRITUAL/HEALING PROPERTIES: Moss agate gives the soul a refreshed feeling, and the soul, a new perspective. It has been said that moss agate can potentially reduce sensitivity to weather conditions and environmental pollutants. Moss agate can attract wealth and boost one’s self-image, and promote self-expression and communication. It can also be a balancing stone, helping to keep you level-headed in terms of emotion. 




*Natural crystals may include natural pitting, fracture lines, dents on the edges which are natural and could not be polished or smoothed out, and inclusions. Natural forming crystals are not perfect, but these imperfections are what make each piece unique. Colors may vary from the photos taken due to the settings on your phone or monitor display and reflections on the polished crystal surface.

**Gemstones, crystals, rocks and minerals have been used throughout history for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The item description for this item is not to be used as a replacement for any prescription, medical diagnosis, or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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