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Cinnabar Tumbled Stones

Cinnabar Tumbled Stones

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You will receive ONE tumbled cinnabar, intuitively chosen. These cinnabar tumbled stones are sourced from Peru. They vary in size, anywhere from 5/8inch-1.25inch. Each stone will vary in size due to their unique nature -- no two stones are the same! Quarter included in photo for size reference. 

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ABOUT: Cinnabar (also known as Cinnabarite) is the bright scarlet or brick-red form of mercury sulfide and is the most common source ore for refining elemental mercury. Cinnabar is also the source for the scarlet pigment vermillion. Cinnabar usually occurs as a vein-filling mineral associated with recent volcanic activity and alkaline hot springs. The precautions of handling Cinnabar come from the toxicity of the mercury component. Cinnabar exhibits birefringence and has the second highest refractive index of any mineral, being 3.08. Cinnabar is the most common source of mercury in nature, and by crushing cinnabar and roasting it in a rotary furnace, quicksilver is created. The name cinnabar is said to drive from an Eastern Indian phrase meaning “dragon’s blood”. 

SPIRITUAL/HEALING PROPERTIES: Cinnabar is known as a stone of manifestation. It helps us to remove our attachment to material belongings and elevate our spiritual selves. Cinnabar helps direct all of your energy to uncovering and strengthening your inner self. Cinnabar can also help one take complete control of themselves and their actions. 

SPECIAL CARE: In its natural mineral form, cinnabar is not dangerous. But when temperatures rise, cinnabar releases a mercury vapor which can be toxic if inhaled. As long as your cinnabar does not get heated, the mercury stays sealed by the sulfur, keeping the cinnabar low in toxicity. Even so, it is recommended to wash your hands and any other part of your skin that cinnabar might come into contact with while being handled as a safety precaution. Make sure to keep your cinnabar in a space that isn’t hot, and keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent heating.



*Natural crystals may include natural pitting, fracture lines, dents on the edges which are natural and could not be polished or smoothed out, and inclusions. Natural forming crystals are not perfect, but these imperfections are what make each piece unique. Colors may vary from the photos taken due to the settings on your phone or monitor display and reflections on the polished crystal surface.

**Gemstones, crystals, rocks and minerals have been used throughout history for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The item description for this item is not to be used as a replacement for any prescription, medical diagnosis, or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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